Your Ultimate Self
Do you have an important dream or goal that keeps being pushed aside for other ‘stuff’? Do you sense that it could actually happen, if you just had some additional help, guidance and support?
We’re going to work together to break that goal down into manageable steps, and then create a focused strategy to achieve each step, in a way that suits you and your style.
Your goals may be personal, or it may be professional. What you do know is that it’s not happening at the moment, and it’s time you did this, because you deserve it! And I will be there to help you each step of the way.

This package is just for you, IF:

✔ You feel ready to accomplish something that is important to you;

✔ The time has arrived to stop thinking about it and to really make it happen;

✔ You know that with support and guidance, you will bring this goal home!

Access to the Your Ultimate Self personal development online training program, including 6 modules on self-love and self-discovery!
Access to the Your Ultimate Self global Facebook community

PLUS access to New Frontiers YUS Facebook community!
Group mentoring via monthly Webinar
Email support
Unlimited 15 minute laser phone and sms support
6 * 1 hour One on one personalised coaching sessions
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