Dr Julie Kimber

My background started in agricultural, social and political science, I hold a BSc (Hons) and BA respectively. After working for a decade in the agricultural sector I now specialise in human behaviour as a personal and leadership development coach with schooling from The Coaching Institute in my hometown Melbourne. I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing people especially women, working in rural communities in a world impacted by climate variability. In an environment where masculinity and patriarchal systems dominate the structure of our family and social institutions including education, religious and the workplace. I understand how this impacts and shapes our identities as we juggle motherhood whilst also being a support to our loved ones, keeping the home together often when running a business or trying to advance in a career and representing other community interests.

I have served on the Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee (GTECCC) as an advisor to the Office of Gene Technology Regulator and am the Secretariat for the charity Aquaculture without Frontiers representing the International women’s network (http://www.aquaculturewithoutfrontiers.org/).

I completed a PhD in 2011 in the discipline of food policy, investigating the social consequences of the CSIRO Omega-3 Project aimed at developing a land-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, normally sourced from seafood. This involved the development of genetically modified oilseeds that could be incorporated into animal feeds and products for human consumption.

Our vision is to empower people (women and youth in particular) globally and our mission is to be an advocate for the creation of sustainable food production systems by promoting equality.

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